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Commonwealth Housing Group Kenya (CHG) is a nonprofit that provides decent and secure homes to marginalized communities living in deplorable conditions.

Currently, our main project is the rehousing of the 26 Mwamko families, comprising 180 individuals, living in Korogocho slums, Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission: To empower and transform the lives of marginalized communities in urban slums through skills development and relocation to decent and safe settlements.

Our Vision: Improved housing, dignified lives.

We Believe

We believe a decent home is not only a right but also has the power to transform lives. When a family has a secure and stable home, they are able to improve their livelihood, pull themselves out of poverty and build robust communities.

Our Core Values

  • Humility & Integrity
  • Partnership & Inclusivity
  • Empowerment & Sustainability

Our Story

Mwamko is born


A group of 26 families living in Korogocho Slum, Nairobi, come together to begin the journey to securing decent homes for their families, away from the Slum.


The 26 families register a self-help group Mwamko, an acronym for Mwito Wa Makao Korogocho, which loosely translates to: a call for better homes for the people of Korogocho.


The members start making monthly contributions to towards their rehousing mission.

Commonwealth Housing Group (CHG) comes on board


CHG, through a grant by London-based Commonwealth Housing Trust (CHT), purchase two (2) acres of land where the Mwamko Families will be rehoused.


CHG, courtesy of a grant from UN-Habitat, train 25 Mwamko youths on construction-related skills.


CHG develops the layout and design for the rehousing project in collaboration with Mwamko members and Commonwealth Housing Trust (CHT), London. The plan is approved by the Nairobi County Planning Development.


A hydro-geological surveyor establish the availability of groundwater on the purchased two-acre land.


  • CHG secures a partnership with Lotto Foundation, Kenya, who pledge to install water tanks and a water tower in the rehousing land.
  • CHG raised funds for building blocks whereas it made the bricks campaign 2019 a
    success. Won-matching funds grants after raising money locally through small donations
    equivalent to 650,000.
  • CHG completed demarcation of septic tank and constructed water tower, in addition
    installed water tanks to supply water to all housing units.
  • Water supply pipes were installed within the site.
  • Joined KPDA Associate Membership and hoping to learn from this great association of Property developers in Kenya.


Acres Secured


Youth Trained


Families Reached


People Impacted